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Jill also remains in touch with Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop. There’s a lot of stuff that went on with her kids and her family situation, that I think America would have related to.” She loves Kristen Taekman and Jill doesn’t think it was fair she got fired.

Jill and Ramona have rekindled their fraught friendship. She’s helping me with some stuff; I’m helping her with some stuff. I think that Ramona has really changed and I have too – we’re in a good place.” “Dorinda and I were friends – not close friends.While I was on the show, in fact, she’s in an episode of season 4 with me.” (The episode where Jill’s step-daughter spoke about her facial injury). You guys didn’t get to know her because she was only on one season.“When I met her and her husband, the first thing I said to both of them is, ‘I hope you have a really good marriage, because if you don’t you’ll never make it.’ And they both looked at me, and in a weird way,” Jill dishes.“I did not feel confident that they had a good marriage.” “I walked out of there and I said to my husband, ‘They are gonna end up divorced.’ I knew it…,” she exclaims.I was blessed to leave.” Jill adds that Bobby’s health has improved too.

“The show definitely would’ve made me not focus on him. ’ I’ll always be grateful for him.” And there we have it – The New Jill.

“I don’t think it was a good decision.” The hosts tell Jill that Bethenny is warning everyone about how off the chain she is at the reunion.

Jill is unsympathetic and wryly notes that Bethenny “always comes up with some excuse” for her bad behavior. There are things that I definitely did, that I’m sorry I did, or I wish I could do it differently, but I can’t.

Then it shifted to basically being about women looking to get married again because their marriages fell apart.” Jill blames casting issues for having a lot to do with the changes, because the friendships aren’t organic. I mean, look what they pulled out of the hat: Jules! “It was like I was becoming a monster,” Jill admits. It was just unhealthy.” “It’s not good for me,” she adds candidly.

“My whole life was consumed by story lines and plot lines, and what I should do, and who I should be talking to, and plotting with. “I just can’t do it.” Jill even “politely declined” filming RHONY’s 100th episode tribute.

Because it just brings back a lot of stuff, and it was gonna be one-sided and I wouldn’t have an opportunity to rebut.” Jill mentions Bethenny saying “pretty nasty things” about her as an example of why she didn’t participate. The ever-gossipy Jill gives her two-cents on Jules Wainstein‘s marriage.