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Thanks be to God for His indescribably wonderful gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, sacrificed on our behalf (2Cor.)!

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But this lack of faith on the part of some does not change the fact that Jesus is indeed God as well as man.

The ultimate means of refutation for all heresies and heretics who would deny the divinity of Christ is, as always, the Bible.

The better one understands scripture and the completely integrated tapestry of fundamental truth which runs through its entire warp and woof, the more perspicuous this one essential truth becomes, that Jesus Christ is the reason for the Bible, and the Bible is all about Jesus Christ, the Word of God (Jn.1:1-14).

Summary of the Work of Christ in Effecting Salvation Introduction: Any study of this sort must of necessity fall short of absolute completeness, for the written word of God is in its every particular about the Living Word of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.But he argued that atop the ruins of defeat dating sites in india wiki giant Lizard made funny dating profile headlines examples today by.In 1976 Ausonics commercialised the ultrasound scanner. The Substitutionary Death of Jesus Christ on our behalf. Therefore Jesus is our ultimate hope (Col.), our highest love (Phil.), and the sole object of our faith (Acts ). Only in Him do we have a full share in the resurrection to come and eternal life (1Pet.1:3-4; cf. The salvation of all members of the human race who turn to God, as well as the victory over the devil (who had held human beings in his power) have been won through our Lord's sacrifice of Himself on our behalf and could not have been won in any other way (Col.-15).(3) For, [if I could save them thereby] I would wish myself to be accursed [and] separated from Christ on behalf my brethren according to the flesh (4) who are Israelites, to whom belongs the adoption and the [shekinah] glory and the covenants and the giving of the Law and the [temple] rite and the promises (5) who are [descendants of] the patriarchs and from whom is the Christ, as far as flesh[ly descent] is concerned, the [very] One who is God over all [things], blessed forever. (5) You too should have this attitude which Christ Jesus had.