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No big deal is made out of it, at least not by the main characters.

This can be a good excuse to play with gender roles and power dynamics, an excuse to get the Heteronormative Crusaders all riled up, or simply a way to put a character in an unexpected situation or let a conversation take an unexpected turn.

I just can’t understand how a professional can think this is appropriate work behavior. So, yes, this is wildly inappropriate (both the conversation at work and the use of “dingaling” anywhere).

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I don’t know the dynamics of your office, but if there’s someone who strikes you as sensible and who has some standing, you could discreetly have a word with them.For example: “I like working with Barnaby, but he has a habit of having personal conversations with his girlfriend with the door open, some of which stray into sexual territory.Also known as being a "lesbian until graduation", or a LUG. Compare Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, Schoolgirl Lesbians, Situational Sexuality, Fanservice Faux Fight. People playing with this trope do it Safe, Sane, and Consensual, and are likely to have a Safe Word.

People who see a little bit of what they are doing, without getting the whole picture, might sometimes make the classic Abuse Mistake.

My boss calls his significant other on the phone quite frequently. His door is always open so everyone in the building can hear this. But I’m new, it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else, and he’s not the most approachable person, so I have chosen to ignore it and try to block it out. However, his most recent conversation went far beyond PG, as they were talking dirty to each other.

It started as a “No, I miss YOU more,” which led into him talking about various body parts, and then saying, “I have one part of my body that needs to be worked real hard tonight,” followed by giggling.

Also a way to portray (or show interest in) a fetish.

Compare and contrast the tropes where kinkiness is used to indicate that a character is intelligent or a bad person.

Maybe it's because young people are living independent of their parents, maybe it's abundance of booze and parties, or the existence of sororities and fraternities that commonly only allow one gender to join, but it's assumed that when a young adult goes to college, they likely experimented sexually with the same gender.