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Wei is rumored to be dating again, to yet another laowai.In a 1998 flash wedding that raised an uproar across internet forums, Maggie Cheung married French director (Oliver) Assayass, a man seven years younger than her.Movie making brought Ning Jing and American actor Paul (Kersey) together in love and a quick wedding.

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Not only was Jessey used for sex, but Jessey’s boyfriend had also taken much of her money, using hundreds of thousands of Euros to take another girlfriend on a trip of hedonism, and blowing the fortune that Jessey and her family had worked so hard to accrue. The next year, Chen brought her husband to China as she joined the line-up of Phoenix Television.But while Chen was receiving accolades for her work, her marriage hit a red light.Often things like a stool or a cup would get thrown, turning our home into a chaotic disarray.’.In 1984, 21 year-old Li completely threw away her promising acting career in a ‘flash wedding’ to her boyfriend (indicating the couple had not spent much time together before deciding to marry).Even though it has been years since Wei got divorced, she still can not disentangle herself from the financial affairs of her ex-husband.

At present, Wei has brought her children back to China.Though there are some that have turned out happily, there are also those that sadly get quickly nipped in the bud.With laowai cheating their victims of money and sex as well as having to endure domestic violence, many of these Chinese women have come to regret their decisions.According to reports, this was a time when Chen was anchoring the Phoenix morning rush hour report.Chen went to bed at 7pm, got up at 4am, and had never taken a day off work for a year.In interpersonal relationships, male foreigners are very different than Chinese men due to cultural differences.