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He had no official job, and sometimes waited tables there for tips, but mainly acted as an unpaid personal assistant.Cedric says he was completely dependent on Lisa and Ken, but was asked to portray the luxuriating houseguest for RHOBH.

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“It piqued the interest of production, so she got a call back and they insisted that we do the audition together at the house.” For a year they heard nothing.

When they finally got word Lisa and Cedric “were barely on speaking terms.” But production wanted them both, so Lisa told a “white lie” that he was still living there.

She then called Cedric and “apologized in her way” so he would agree to be part of the show.

Their falling out was allegedly over Cedric’s failed relationship with Lance Bass. “I’d been around her life for like 15, 16 years, so I became a confidante and she confided in me, and I was there for her and I loved her, and I still do.

Once they’d ‘outed him,’ they could accuse him of attempted blackmail.

So if he did reveal any of the compromising information Lisa told him, everyone would dismiss him as a scorned famewhore. He claims Bravo knew this, but allowed the storyline to persist regardless.Since being blackballed it’s been a very rough few years for Cedric – he’s lost Lisa’s friendship, and many other friends, and gained a bad reputation, which he says was based on a lie.Cedric spoke with Kate Casey on her Reality Life podcast and opened up about the drama with Lisa, provided some illuminating tidbits about how Reality TV works, and shared what he’s up to now.“She was so focused – it consumed anything and everything.There was no other conversation other than that.” The trade-off for being part of Lisa’s life and RHOBH was that she controlled Cedric too.When he tried to refuse, “She just went mad.” Finally he caved, sharing the story of “eating cat food” during a scene with Kyle and Lisa, even though he felt “so uncomfortable.” The interview was a little hard to follow at some points, but from my interpretation Cedric feels Lisa set him up.