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The class on Victorian novels is very hard, so Spence decides to join them.

Arthur takes a liking of her and will ask her to become the fourth Mrs. Can Doug prevent Arthur from being his father-in-law and new uncle?

Sara, Spence, Richie, Deacon The family feels bad that Arthur has no friends.

During the anniversary party, Spence takes pictures but has a crush on Sara.

Then when Doug's favorite aunt comes over, he is "less than enthusiastic" when Arthur states to date her.

First, Kevin James was cast on the show after his recurring character performance on , plays Sara, Carrie's sister.

Other cast members that play as Doug's friends were previously in other movies and guest appearances on other shows.Carrie and Doug remember when he proposed to her and both worry whether to keep the ring or cash in.Spence, Richie When Carrie is afraid that her and Doug are getting boring and dumb as a couple, she signs her and Doug up for a class at the community college.Spence, Richie, Deacon Carrie takes her engagement ring to the jeweler to have it cleaned, the jeweler tells her that it is a rare and unusual ring, and worth a lot of money.The jeweler offers much more than what Doug paid for.An all-star cast heads this series made for the 1998-1999 CBS Fall Primetime Season.