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The economy reflects that with higher-paying jobs that require college degrees.

They are fleeing economic and political devastation and persecution. Yes, another great misconception is that they don’t want to learn English, assimilate, and be Americans. There’s huge waiting lists all over the country, especially in metropolitan areas, for ESL [English as a Second Language] classes.They want a better life just as all generations of immigrants to the U. People want to learn English as it’s critically important.Presenter Jeff Collins talks backstage with founder member, vocalist and guitarist Dave Meniketti.Formed in 1974 as Yesterday And Today, the band shortened their name to Y&T before becoming one of the main staples of MTV in the 80’s with hits such as Summertime Girls, Lipstick and Leather and Contagious.Dave Meniketti talks about the band’s past, their current European Tour and plans for a new album in 2009. The Californian metal band will be live on the show as they prepare for the latest gig on their UK tour.

The Rock show will hear more from AC/DC about their new album Black Ice already number one in the UK and many other countries worldwide. The band are promoting their latest album Lead Sails Paper Anchor.Most of the undocumented population are healthy, working age people and they’re working most of the time. One of the most ridiculous things I ever heard was a Massachusetts state legislator say that immigrants bring in diseases. Undocumented immigrants pay federal income tax but don’t get any of the benefits a regular tax payer does.These people don’t get tax refunds nor are they granted welfare, food stamps, and other federal benefits.It is functionally identical to this one except that all past comments will stay archived at this website.Comments to new posts should be posted at the new site and will require a quick, painless sign-up process so that everyone has their own unique username.There’ll also be copies of the new AC/DC album to be won.