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In the early hours of 3 July 1971, the underground disco was heaving with 500 revellers, including 24-year-old British siren Marianne Faithfull who had recently split up with Mick Jagger.

"He didn't look in great form, and immediately went to his usual spot at the bar and ordered a bottle of vodka.He was also drinking beers."I was used to talking about everything with him - from Janice Joplin to the beatniks - but that night it was just a bit of small talk. He was always collecting drugs for her and the club was full of dealers."Scroll down for more According to Bernett, Morrison bought the heroin from two men working for Jean de Breteuil, a French playboy and drug dealer."The dealers who Jim was talking to were well known," said Bernett. I knew what they were up to, and kept an eye out for Jim. "Then, about half an hour later, a cloakroom attendant came up to me and told me someone was locked in one of the cubicles and wasn't coming out.It was Jim Morrison, with his head between his knees, his arms dangling."For a few seconds our eyes were glued to the unmoving corpse. "The flamboyant singer of The Doors, the cool and good-looking Californian guy, was now a collapsed and inert lump lying in a nightclub toilet."Seeing Jim in such a bad way was pretty awful.We were certain he'd been snorting heroin because there was foam coming out of his lips as well as blood. He just snorted them."Bernett's first reaction was to send for one of his regular customers, a doctor. I mean, I know they're gonna ride me pretty hard, but they're great guys... " Brian: "What the hell have they got to do with it?

It's just going to cost me a lot of money, that's all.

Harry: Oh, you weren't supposed to find that 'til tomorrow morning!

For more than three decades it has remained one of rock music's most tantalising mysteries.

This extraordinary testament is contained in Bernett's forthcoming book "The End - Jim Morrison" soon to be published in France.

The allegations are being taken so seriously that they are being examined by the French authorities and may lead to the investigation into Morrison's death being reopened.

But now, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, a former close friend of the singer says he knows the truth.