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Every famous person who has visited or stayed has commented on the flatness of the surrounding land.The great Australian novelist, Joseph Furphy, who lived in Hay while bullock carting about the region in the 1870s, described the countryside as: "the dark boundary of the scrub country disappears northward in the glassy haze, and in front, southward, the level black-soil plains of Riverina proper mark a straight sky-line, broken here and there by a monumental clump or pine-ridge.

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My name is Yvonne Slee and I 'm a member of the Romani community in Coffs Harbour.

I came to Australia from Europe and migrated here in 2005.

My husband and I are both Romani and live in Coffs Harbour with our three children. I enjoy our traditions, many of them coming from our Indian roots.

My favourite tradition is Romani cooking which shares many of the spicy ingredients of Indian cooking.Hay, which is only 93 m above sea level, is equally accessible to three of Australia's major cities.It is located 724 km west of Sydney via Wagga and Narrandera at the junction of the Sturt, Cobb and Mid Western Highways.It is 653 km east of Adelaide and 415 km north of Melbourne. Court House - this substantial and stately brick courthouse was the town's fourth. Japp's Pharmacy - Surely the most elegant pharmacy in rural Australia, Japp's Pharmacy was built in 1913 to house a saddlery and tailor.^ TOP Originally known as Lang's Crossing (named after three brothers named Lang) the settlement was officially named Hay in October, 1859. In 1931 it became the Bank of New South Wales and in 1982 it became Westpac. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church - The oldest known building in Hay it was designed by the Witcombe Brothers in 1872. Presentation Convent - Built in 1900 it has a beautiful front door of painted glass, French tiles on the roof and Wunderlich panelling inside. Purchased by the Sisters of the Presentation Order in 1921, it was their convent until 1993 when they withdrew the Order from Hay after 110 years. St Paul's Anglican Church - Built in 1885) it became the pro-cathedral for the Anglican Diocese of the Riverina. It was built in 1892 with some alterations made in 1920. Paragon Restaurant - Built in 1924 it has been owned continuously by the Panaretto family since 1932. It is distinguished by attractive turned timber posts and some highly ornate cast-iron lacework along the upstairs balcony. Other Buildings of Interest Terminus Hotel and the Railway Buildings Built some time before 1880 the Terminus Hotel was constructed specifically to serve railway passengers. Drive through the town and you feel you are in a prosperous and substantial rural town.