Updating renavations

Firstly, it is important not to work along the same stringent standards you may apply to your own home.

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Furniture rental stores will price their pieces by the day, week, or month; whatever you need. The problem a lot of landlords face in this regard, is that they will rush in, clear out the contents of the house, paint the entire interior, lay down some new carpets and then usher in some tenants as quickly as possible.While this sounds quite sensible, bear in mind that this is expensive and rarely does the entire house needed to be overhauled.If the little jobs are not entirely necessary, then leave them for next time.You should strive to deliver a quality property when the tenant moves-in, but very few residents will ever notice all the extra care you took in your preparation.Though arguably less important, the exterior will be the first thing that a potential sees. If your property has a front yard, make sure that it looks cared for and maintained.

Finally, make sure it is safe and secure by checking all gate hinges, sturdy loose walking stones, and remove any broken concrete.

When renovating and cleaning a rental property, it is often difficult to cut costs while maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Here are some relatively inexpensive tips that will help you improve the rental property, while maximizing its income potential.

Granted, this (£40) increase might not seem worth the thousands that I would need to invest, but the appraiser assured me the value of the property would increase in unison.

I went ahead, and paid (roughly) a bargain ,000 (£4,000) to upgrade the bathroom and kitchen, and as promised, along with the increase in monthly rent, the house went up in value by ,500 (£5,000).

” You need to confront this head-on by presenting the property in the best possible light ().