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Krupa has also appeared twice on the cover of Playboy and graced the covers of South African GQ and the Polish editions of Cosmopolitan, In Style, Glamour and Grazia.Krupa has also been a lingerie model for Frederick's of Hollywood.

Having taken ballet lessons as a child, In 2003, Krupa had a part in a fetish video titled "No Shoes, No Mercy" where she appears as a nurse, and she and another nurse take turns tickling each other while tied up.In 2004, she starred as Jane Goody in the action film Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon.Its director Albert Pyun said that he did not want Krupa in the film and she was cast only because she was the client of a friend of producer John Laing.On 2 December 2009, animal rights organization PETA released a print ad campaign for dog adoption featuring Krupa as an angel floating in a Catholic church filled with dogs, and holding a cross covering her breasts and genitalia. I had to retake it, and I’m like, “But I want to marry them! D: HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU FIRST PUT ON WOMEN’S CLOTHING? When Batman came out, I wanted to be Vicky Vale (Kim Basinger) so bad! But my first guest appearance on anything was when I did two episodes of The District, and Jaclyn Smith was my attorney. ” I wish I could go back and shake my head at this 18 year old and be like, “No boo-boo, go sit down. ” D: AND WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST OPPORTUNITY TO BE IN A FILM? NOW, GETTING BACK TO DRAG RACE, I’M CURIOUS IF THERE WAS ANYONE AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE SEASON THAT YOU DIDN’T CARE FOR AT FIRST, BUT GREW TO LIKE? He admitted to us at the beginning that the last time he had done drag was making his audition tape, and we were like, “That was like two months ago!

W: Umm, Pretty much, although I did live in Florida for junior high and high school. WAS YOUR IDENTITY ALREADY CLEAR TO YOU, OR WAS IT SOMETHING THAT SORT OF TOOK SOME TIME TO REALIZE? My dad and mom are both one of five kids, and on my dad’s side I have a gay uncle and a gay aunt, and on my mom’s side I have what we think is a gay uncle. Although, I do remember getting in trouble for wearing a giant, dinner-plate-sized New Kids On The Block pin in my school pictures. Shit, I remember being 5, playing dress up with my sister, and my cousin. I wouldn’t have cold-called and submitted a tape on their own, but I figured since they asked, they were interested! W: My very first appearance on tv was this game show called Street Smarts when I was 18. I thought Lashawn [Beyond] was really reserved, and I didn’t know if he was like that with everybody, but apparently he hated me. It’s fine, for someone who’s only done drag six times in their life, and then they’re on Ru Paul’s Drag Race! I mean I got into a fight with my mom once because she took my away tweezers. A bit of a wild child, I’ll never be the good girl. I don’t know if I was just lucky or good, but people kept asking me back, so I ended up being on TV a lot! ” And looking back at pictures, they were fucking chola down! I like to think a little mistressy, like I always look like someone’s side piece, but I also think I have a little bit of an edgy element. So I just kept doing it and I happened to be good at it.So the guys who might have tortured me, she was hanging out with them. W: Well, apparently from what I’ve heard, they had to manufacture a lot of drama for season three. D: WAS THAT YOUR FIRST TIME AUDITIONING FOR DRAG RACE?D: OUTSIDE OF YOUR FAMILY THEN, GROWING UP, WAS BEING GAY AN ISSUE FOR YOU IN ANY WAY? And I worked at a bakery that was owned by a lesbian. I remember my stunt double was a former Navy SEAL, who looked NOTHING like me. There’s a scene where they cut quickly from me to him, and he looks like the typical Craigslist cross-dresser – it was so laughable! It was a pretty good part, I had two scenes, and (laughs) I get a check from it almost every day! D: YEAH, I FOUND IT INTERESTING THAT LAST SEASON THE GIRLS GAVE SHANGELA SUCH A HARD TIME FOR BEING THE NEWBIE, AND SHE HAD WAAY MORE EXPERIENCE DOING DRAG THAN LESHAWN.