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Angela Moroni was portrayed by Ayda Field from late summer of 2000 until March 2001.

Bonnie, posing as Adrienne Johnson (reluctantly) dumps Lucas Horton, reunites with Justin Kiriakis, and eventually dumps him, too.

She attempts to wreck Maggie Horton's life in revenge for Maggie, as she sees it, stealing Mickey from her.

Bonnie marries Mickey Horton, after his wife is murdered by a serial killer in 2003. Bonnie escapes from prison in 2017 with the help of Hattie Adams and Angelica Deveraux.

Bonnie takes over the life of her look-alike Adrienne, whom she impersonates.

Before her death, Angela finally made her father give Brandon and Sami the tape.

Vincent Moroni was portrayed by Carl Weintraub from summer 2000 until March 2001.

When a spy from her father saw Brandon and Sami kiss, he hired two gunmen to kill Sami and Brandon at the coronation of Greta Von Amberg.

This backfired however, when Angela dove in front of Brandon.

Abe and Lexie adopt the baby that Marlo has given birth to, unaware that Stefano had switched Marlo and Hope's sons.

Zack dies on January 1, 2006, after being run over by Bo's SUV, which is driven by his daughter, Chelsea.

After Kate told Vincent about the tape (containing Kate telling Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly) he took it from Angela.