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As reincarnation and karmic cycle maybe the deciding factor.

If soulmates are about physical connection and experiences on earth, then twin flames are much bigger deal, twin flame is your own consciousness or soul in another body which just like you has gone through many life experiences.

Another type spiritual soul mate connection are the karmic ties, they are people from your past life and have unfinished business, so there is a need to reconnect. Well the soul wants to be free of any karmic ties and the only way is to complete a closure on these relationships.

My experience in this relationships is that they present a lot of drama and negativity, although the relationships does have high points and you feel every thing will be great, things do stir up again. You needed to experience these relationship to know more about yourself.

I have an opinion that every connection has a purpose to elevate you towards better things in your life.

If your in this type of relationship and you feel you have what you needed in your life, feel free to close this chapter in your life.

This is the most common spiritual soul mate connection, these relationships tend to be the most harmonious and pleasing, but not as intense as twin flame relationship.

Being in this type of relationship you both can achieve great things together and be life long partners.

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