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Growing up however, he found the entertainment scene more exciting and decided to pursue a career in it.

He found himself drawn to hip hop and got very interested in the genre.

Launched by SM Entertainment on 24 March 1998 and now managed by Shinhwa Company, the group is the longest-running boy band in the history of K-pop and one of the pioneers of the K-pop idol culture. The group was one of the early successes of SM Entertainment along with H. In March 2012, Shinhwa released their tenth album The Return and started a concert tour to become the first Korean boy band to last after the members' mandatory military services. "), is a light-hearted track where they adopted a cute image to match the concept of the song, complete with outfit in white and blue colors. The album debuted at #4 and peaked at #3, selling 377,500 copies and charting for 24 weeks on the Korean monthly chart. Riding on the success of their second album, the group received the "1998's Best Music Video from a new male pop group" award from M. Shinhwa's third album, Only One, was released on May 27, 2000. Shinhwa went on a four-year hiatus in 2008, when the band members (except Hyesung) started to enlist for mandatory military service.He wears a cap occasionally and has a thing for sunglasses.Like the other BTS group members, Jin keeps his hair short.As earlier stated, for his education, Jin attended Konkuk Univeristy where he studied art and acting both under the department of film. Due to a busy schedule however, he was unable to attend the event and instead held his own ceremony with both members and fans through a live stream.

Jin’s performance at the audition was quite impressive that Big Hit Entertainment decided to accept him for the group they were creating.– Jin has one older brother – Of all the BTS members, he is the oldest having been born in 1992 – At one time, Jin had a dog which he named Jjanggu – In the BTS dorms, he is in charge of cleaning up the dorm – His favorite color is pink and he was nicknamed Pink Princess by the fans just because of this – Blue is another of his favorite colors – For numbers, 4 is his favorite – Meat, lobster, naengmyeon, hamburgers, chicken and pizza are his favorite meals along with all kinds of greasy junk food – T. P, a member of the South Korean group Big Bang is his role model – When he is hungry, Jin has the habit of blinking his left eye – The other BTS members describe him by the word Hidetoshi from Doraemon which translates to Youngmin in Korean – His dream for the coming ten years is to be Sergeant Kim Seokjin and he also dreams of succeeding in BTS so that he becomes a Jin that mothers love to watch on TV – Jin particularly enjoys doing aegyo – He is a health conscious individual who has profound love for healthy products – Jin has an eye issue and wears very powerful prescription glasses.He however doesn’t like putting them on because he feels insecure when he does – When asked about the member he is closest to in BTS, he chooses V – Jin is conscious about his looks and as compared to the other members of the group, he is the one that takes care of his appearance the most.He has earned himself a reputation and is one of the most celebrated artist in the K-Pop music industry.NOTE: Don’t forget the check out complete BTS Members Profile Here.He plays the position of main vocalist and visuals.