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Often been made fun of his family background by his school mates when he was young, Kim Dongwan remained strong, stood up against the negative comments and eventually became the support to his mother.

Despite his less fortunate family background, Kim Dongwan had never given up on his dream.

He was talented scout on the streets by a SM Entertainment manager to join the company.

He told SM Entertainment that he was more interested in acting than in singer but this decision changed after he met the rest of the Shinhwa members officially.

As a skilled dancer, he has choreographed some of Shinhwa’s most technically challenging dances.

He has released 9 albums (eight full Korean albums and one Japanese album) with Shinhwa and is currently working on their ninth album.

At the time, he thought seriously about giving up and returning to the U. Stage Name: Minwoo Birth Name: Lee Min Woo Birthday: July 28, 1979 Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer Blood Type: A Height: 174 cm Weight: 64 kg Respected Musician: Usher Lee Min Woo is Korean singer known for his work as a solo artist and as a member of Shinhwa. As part of Shinhwa, he has recorded nine studio albums as a vocalist and a rapper.

Though he left the group’s management company in early 2007, Lee has stated that he is still part of Shinhwa and that the band will never disband.

Mun attended John Burroughs Middle School located in Los Angeles, CA and Sunny Hills High School located in Fullerton, CA. On 24 March 1998, Mun debuted with Shinhwa with their single “해결사” (The Solver) on KM Music Tank.

He joined SM Entertainment as a trainee and was featured as a rapper on label mate girl group S. He stated that their debut album Resolver did not perform well and the band almost disbanded.

When Shinhwa first came out, the fans (which later name themselves Shinhwa Changjo) quickly chose Lee as the cutest one in the group, with him garnering much attention.

However, as time passed time, each of the members began gaining attention, with them having equal popularity as of today.

Dongwan expressed gratitude for their contributions, saying, “I¡¯ve been working together with the group Shinhwa, thus there was a lot of pressure working on the solo album, but since the other members showed up and helped me with most of it, it has been a great big help for me.¡± Dongwan¡¯s first single was the ballad, “Handkerchief”, a song about a guy who consoles his girlfriend and wipes away her tears.