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Other than Sulli, he also was linked to Yuri (a member of Girls Generation) but none of the singers confirmed the relationship.There's nothing quite so evil as when a character takes a clear step toward villainy and decides to Kick the Dog.

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The Friend may also be The Gadfly if they aren't an up-and-out jerk. and Zoidberg, No Accounting for Taste (when a romantic couple are similarly incompatible), and Token Evil Teammate.

The nicknames you use for your boyfriend should describe some aspect of his personality.

Minho is most famous as the rapper of the Korean group Is Choi Minho single? We're spilling all those details and more here!

Given how popular Korean music is these days, globally, and just how gorgeous Choi Minho is, there is no doubt that there are fans dying to know more about Choi Minho's dating life. "As I got to know more and more, I came to calculate things in my mind more often.

In other words, "They may be a pain in the butt, but they're pain in the butt." Often uttered right before such lines as "You mess with them, you mess with all of us! " The character may have a breakout episode that explains the reason for their attitude or reveals a human side that never showed before (such as a cute hobby or a Hidden Heart of Gold). Chances are you have a "friend" like this (or multiple "friends"), or you may even be that "friend" yourself.

Compare Vitriolic Best Buds and With Friends Like These..., where this kind of attitude is usually limited to one or two select members of the group as opposed to being the opinion of the group as a whole.

They still get included in the group nonetheless, with the group often defending them if any outsiders insult or mistreat them.

In some cases, it's discovered that the group really does care about this friend and vice versa.

Sometimes, though, the kick falls flat—not because it wasn't evil, mind you. It's just that at this moment, the dog isn't a sweet, innocent puppy.

It happens to be a devious son of a bitch that's trying to sink its teeth into someone's leg.

The difference lies in how much the perpetrator knew about the victim, and whether that was his motive for committing the act.