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The 24-year-old said: 'I felt physically sick when I saw some of the messages she'd received.'There was one calling her 'bae' and asking for her to call them 'daddy'. It could be used for grooming by paedophiles and all sorts.There was other stuff that was worse and because Morgan thought it was just coming from characters in the game, she replied.'She downloaded it about three months ago so she and her big cousin could play it together.'One day she turned to me and said: 'Mummy, somebody messaged me this morning.' He was asking her to go to his house.'I took it off her straight away. The safety needs addressing.' Jackie Gordine said her eight-year-old daughter Daisy was also contacted through the app.Only friends in the approved friend's list can personal message, invite another user into games, or to join a VIP server.

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He as also made appearances at Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, The White House, Capital Centre DC, RFK Stadium, DC Armory and the FBI Academy.

World Champion John Chung has privately tutored martial arts students from all over the world.

A horrified mother has issued a warning to other parents after her six-year-old daughter was sent explicit messages from men on a mobile gaming app.

Jemma Casey's daughter Morgan was sent a string of indecent messages on the app Roblox from men trying to lure her to their homes.

Many of his students have gone on to become national champions.

The "king of kata" John Chung has also trained youth competitors who have become both regional and national champions. John Chung continues to teach seminars throughout the world educating and enhancing the abilities of martial artists everywhere.For users that are under the age of 13, these filters are set to block any sharing of personal identifiable information.'All accounts for users that are under the age of 13 are set to only communicate with friends.Now this is your opportunity to be trained by "the best in the world", John Chung!We got more than 6600 files available for download, thats more than 1.6 gigabyte of fun! You can find pictures, movies, sounds and misc filez, all got an x-rated sub-category." Thankfully it was unopened and Daisy was totally oblivious to it but it's scary to think about what might have happened if she had replied.'As a parent it's hard enough keeping kids safe without apps like this allowing total strangers access to kids.'It's hard to explain the meaning of it to Daisy but we've deleted the app and warned her about the dangers of talking to strangers.'Denise Keen, 45, also had to delete the Roblox app after a user asked her 11-year-old son Jaydon where he lived.