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So when Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble’s press coordinator on May 17 called me about a press conference to discuss he and running mate Dr. Read More By Hakim Abdul-Ali I was talking to a young and very aware young Afrikan-American brother the other day about what’s going on in Black society today.

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Even so, the reality on the ground is somber and sobering. Read More Members of the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) are reportedly squabbling over a casual remark by the head of the party, Mmusi Maimane, who observed that white privilege and black poverty were critical issues that needed to be addressed.“I firmly stand by comments I made on Freedom Day,” Maimane tweeted on Sunday. Read More Ending four years in political exile, Dr.Read More By Julianne Malveaux (Trice Edney Wire.com) – I am among the millions who are ecstatic that Stacey Abrams won the Democratic nomination for governor in Georgia. Elizabeth Primas, Program Manager, NNPA/ESSA Public Awareness Campaign When the best educators in America traveled to Washington, D. for a series of events celebrating innovation in the classroom and to share best practices in K-12 education, they let officials at the Department of Education and the White House know exactly how they felt… Even former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ventured out this week to say, “Without personal honor there… By Sandra Thompson, Esq., President, NAACP York County, Pa.She didn’t just win, she rocked, clobbering her opponent, Stacey Evans, by over 50 percentage points – Abrams had 76 percent of the 533,450 votes cast in the Democratic primary. Branch On Saturday, April 21, 2018, I woke up excited, anticipating a round of golf at Grandview Golf Club in York, Pa.I’ve got a thing on my desk that says “Discipline, not desire, determines our destiny”. Fire and brimstone boiling up from the very ground homes are built upon. Eligible citizens have until May 13 to register so they can vote in the June 12th Primaries and June 26th Primary Runoffs (runoff if needed).

Wish I woulda, coulda, shoulda doesn’t get it done. Read More By Hakim Abdul-Ali The world’s almost two billion adherents of the Islamic faith began their annual month-long fasting period today. Hurricane season thrust upon us again for another year with one of the earliest tropical depressions in recent memory. Now is also the time to familiarize ourselves with the candidates on the ballot and…The ruling stems from a lawsuit by the Ogale people in Nigeria against Royal Dutch… The finely-tuned Hutu-Tutsi ethnic balance, defined in the 2000 Arusha agreement, helped end Burundi’s civil war, say policy strategists at the International Crisis Group. Read More A Sudanese court has upheld a judgment of execution for a teenage girl who fought off the forcible sexual advances of her arranged-marriage husband, leading to his death.Noura Hussein has been imprisoned in Omdurman, Sudan, since the murder of the man she was forced to marry, who she says raped her as his relatives…Dad wasn’t a veteran; but he never missed the opportunity on Decoration Day to take… Tecklenburg to fulfill the promise made by his predecessor Joseph P. Riley was elected with overwhelming support of the African American community in Charleston and promised to spread the city’s wealth the community that helped create it, but never…Read More By Barney Blakeney Two phone calls over the past couple of weeks again got me thinking about Black folks taking the initiative to determine our own destiny. Read More Voters in our communities will soon be casting votes in the South Carolina Primary Election.A president who once banned the popular pastime of jogging now aims to rewrite the nation’s laws and rule the nation of Burundi until 2034.