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Nine months on from discovering his body in February, they are still no closer to knowing who he was, despite the lead detective reporting: “We went right across Europe to try to find the identity of this man." A coroner has now concluded that this was a man "living at the edge of existence" who never wanted to be found.” He was discovered on February 3 in the middle of a field close to the A2 in Wincheap, near Canterbury, lying on his back naked to the waist with his arms folded across his body.

The corpse was surrounded by a number of items: a wedding catalogue addressed to a “Mandy Martin” and a small black ‘cabin case’ suitcase.

In one, he told his 14-year-old victim, known only as ‘Eva Gonza’: ‘I’ve got the cleaver and the experience.

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Valle insisted to his British correspondent he was serious about his plans and also discussed them with other Americans and a butcher in India who said there was an oven to cook Valle's wife in in Pakistan.

Fantasty: New York City police officer Valle was charged with plotting to kidnap, rape, torture and cook women alive before eating them - but a judge overturned his conviction because he believed it was all a fantasy he would say things online to try to shock the people he was chatting and enjoyed how people came to him for advice where he claimed he would fabricate gruesome stories about eating women and children.

Valle was later accused of plotting to kidnap, kill and eat women and although he was convicted, this verdict was later overturned by a federal judge Valle, 30, responded that he had 'measured the oven' and would cook her after they hit her over the head with a baseball bat and kept her 'naked...trussed and gagged' in the boot on the drive from Maryland to the police officer's home in New York.

The English cannibalism enthusiast also bragged about his own eating habits, spelling out a recipe for 'human haggis' using lungs and stomach and how he used the fat from female breasts to make Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes.

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Inside the case were toiletries, clothes, and an Oyster card, later found to have been bought in Walthamstow, east London, but unregistered. They offered no explanation as to who the man was, or why he was carrying an abridged edition of a 1966 book described as the “magnum opus” of the late Frank Lake, the founder of the Clinical Theology Association.

There was also a book - In the field nearby, were a glass decanter and glasses. Gareth Morgan, the walker who found the body, initially mistook it for a pile of rubbish.

“There were no signs of injury, no clues in his clothing,” said Mr Stamp.

“His fingerprints had no match and we couldn’t match any DNA samples.” This was despite a Europe-wide search of DNA databases.

Probe: Police searched Bolinger's former home in Canterbury after receiving information from the FBI.