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It is extremely long-lasting to me and sillage is good without being too loud.

;-) And oh, in my opinion this is also the Chance flanker that is the farest from the original.

It's really like they've 'watered down' the original Chance until some notes totally dissapeared.

Somehow the fresh, floral scent had transformed into more of a sour, tangy mess instead.

I was surprised as rarely I have had fragrances “turn” on me and unfortunately this is one of them. I ended up purchasing the Coco Mademoiselle as that scent was just a beautiful scent on me and I was given a sample of the Chance Eau Tendre so I could try it out again and hopefully the chemistry will change on me skin into the beautiful, fresh floral scent that I love.

The hyacinth makes it uplifting and gives a little kick.

The iris, amber and cedar give some warmth and depth, making Eau Tendre different from lemony fragrances that are mainly 'fresh' Every time I wear this, it gives me the feeling of a sunny morning in France at the mediterranean coast, having a coffee at the start of a day full of promises (actual holiday memory, before I had this perfume).

I received a sample of this with my purchase of Coco Mademoiselle Intense. I can pick out every note in this, except for the amber.

My initial sprays had me thinking “Errr., this smells exactly like Daisy.” Not really a bad thing, but that fragrance is headache inducing for me. The iris is faint, but adds a slight whiff of powdery quality that I feel like acts as a nice sidekick to the fruity-floral center.

I do like a couple of the flankers that I've sampled. maybe because my mom used to wear it when I was young and it brings back a lot of memories. If you crossed MJ Daisy and Omnia Crystalline - you'll have Eau Tendre. I wore this a lot on the plane and during my long trip in Asia.

Anyway, Eau Tendre has those beautiful floral notes of hyacinth and iris that round it out so nicely. I purchased a tiny 30ml bottle of it 2 years ago and I enjoyed it, It smells like green apples It's so incredibly fresh. It’s pretty much everything I hoped Lancome’s Miracle would be. Unfortunately this only gives me 40 or so minutes of moderate to mild sillage depending on environment - then becomes a skin scent. I love it so much for that reason alone, but the scent itself is very pleasant.

Face of advertising campaign is Sigrid Agren, and photographer is Jean-Paul Goude. This perfume is the one me and my husband picked out of all the Chanels we have tried. As a lover of florals, specially purple florals, I recommend this to all floral lovers! I went to a Chanel Fragrance and Beauty boutique and I was about the buy the Chance Eau Tendre and I sniffed the scent on the tester and I was in love with the scent.