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" I had gone through pretty much every audition process, probably 3 or 4, for Karma. But I'm so glad that it turned out the way that it did because I'm so in love with her [Amy]. How long did it take you and Katie to get comfortable with kissing another girl on stage? And now I kiss her all the time, so it's no big deal. I always thought, "Oh maybe when I get to Hollywood I'll date a guy and maybe I'll be like a Brangelina or something, one day." And all of a sudden I wake up and it's Karmy.

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It was our days out in Yorkshire and Peter’s appointment as vicar of Riccall in the East Riding (“Oooh, its doorway’s in Pevsner!”) that watered the seed of these papers; his retirement and early death that allowed space for them to grow.ITVGeoff eventually went to find Yasmeen in the pub and asked her for another first date, to which she happily agreed.Fans were loving Aunty Rita, the soap's best agony aunt and apparent love guru.I actually had a lunch date with Carter [Covington; ] and we were talking about it and he was like, "I can't believe you ever went out for Karma!

" And I was like, "I know, what were you guys thinking? Obviously we'd have to get our giggles out when we were shooting those scenes. You wake up one day and people are making relationship names for you.She's a vulnerable girl but she's also very strong and does her own thing. So maybe who is faking what might not be so obvious. She does kiss Karma and there are feelings there that she didn't expect to have, so you're right on that, how she deals with that though is something that people are going to have to tune in for and watch. MC: Speaking of secrets, let's talk about that kiss in Episode 1. Yasmeen suddenly got rather excited about the event, but when Geoff arrived at the bistro to meet her, Audrey ambushed the DJ.ITVShe started to act in the way Rita advised, telling Geoff she fancied trying a beer and that she wanted to join him in his food.The particularly rich range of sculpture that exists in Yorkshire is not well known outside the county, nor from place to place within it.