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[17] Pre-term delivery increases the risk of neonatal death and handicaps.

[2] (Click here for more details on the underreporting of abortion related deaths in the U.S.) Two studies of the entire population of women in Denmark published in 2012 have shown similar results.The risk of cervical damage is greater for teenagers, for second trimester abortions, and when practitioners fail to use laminaria for dilation of the cervix.[7] Abortion increases the risk of placenta previa in later pregnancies (a life threatening condition for both the mother and her wanted pregnancy) by seven to fifteen fold.The first found that the risk of death following abortion remains higher in each of the first ten years following the abortion.

The second found that the risk of death increases with each abortion, 45% after one abortion, 114% after two abortions, and 192 percent after three or more abortions.

Abnormal development of the placenta due to uterine damage increases the risk of fetal malformation, perinatal death, and excessive bleeding during labor.

[8] Women who had one, two, or more previous induced abortions are, respectively, 1.89, 2.66, or 2.03 times more likely to have a subsequent pre-term delivery, compared to women who carry to term.

For a complete review of the literature see Deaths associated with abortion compared to childbirth: a review of new and old data and the medical and legal implications (2004).

Women with a history of one abortion face a 2.3 times higher risk of having cervical cancer, compared to women with no history of abortion.

In addition, women who carry to term are only half as likely to die as women who were not pregnant.