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Doing so may affect performance by leaving no memory for other essential system applications.

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The Automatically Save Recovery Information preference is enabled only if Save in Background is on.When enabled, recovery information is saved for each open file at the specified interval.The most dramatic way to increase performance is investing in faster and more-powerful hardware.) to help you make optimum use of your computer's resources, such as memory, cache, graphics processor, displays, etc.Every user's setup is unique and may require a different combination of techniques to get the most efficient performance from Photoshop.

There are four primary ways to affect performance in Photoshop: The easiest way to improve performance, without spending money, is to set your Photoshop preferences and fine-tune its features to take advantage of the way you work and the type of files you typically work with.

The amount of space you save varies depending on how many pixels an operation changes.

For example, a history state based on a small paint stroke or a non-destructive operation, such as creating or modifying an adjustment layer, consumes little space.

Depending on your primary use case for using Photoshop and the types of documents you generally work with, different combinations of these settings may suit you.

Additional settings such as To find the ideal RAM allocation for your system, change it in 5% increments and monitor performance in the Efficiency indicator. We don't recommend allocating more than 85% of your computer's memory to Photoshop.

The cache tile size determines the amount of data on which Photoshop operates at a time.