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As Sillett puts it, trees are not like people, “they cannot run away from paparazzi,” and history has taught us that bad things happen to trees that become too popular.dailygraphics is a framework for creating and deploying responsive graphics suitable for publishing inside a CMS with If you need to make a significant change or actively work on a graphic outside of the primary graphics folder, it may be better to clone the graphic and start fresh..We have introduced test capabilities to trim down the review process for this project -- but this functionality can and probably should be a part of our regular deployment.The deployment command supports passing either a relative path to the graphic from dailygraphics or by passing an absolute path.

This functionality can be used to render and deploy graphics that are outside the Warning: There is no preview available for these changes and deployments.

be different from the other buckets.) Google OAuth The default configuration assumes that you want to use NPR's copytext rig to pull content from a Google Spreadsheet.

If you do not want to use Google Spreadsheets at all, delete all instances of . As of April 2015, we've changed our approach to authenticating with Google to sync Google Spreadsheet data. This approach is more secure (username and password are no longer stored in environment variables) and works for accounts with two-factor authentication enabled.

Mere weeks before the loggers reached the majestic giant, the valley it calls home was declared a national park during the Carter administration. In the 1970’s, 15% of America’s redwood forest had been logged, and nowadays only 4% still exist.

Hyperion’s exact location has never been disclosed, in order to protect it from curious tourists who might try to climb it or otherwise damage it.

Only a few hundred feet from its base is a clearcut dating back to the 70’s.