Nokia updating ios 7

I am a good way through the app now and am looking for some beta testers.

THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL SLACK APP, but has the blessing of Slack and hopefully will make lots of Slack users very happy.

These form factors will be non standard and varied as the industry searches for the next new thing.

nokia updating ios 7-41

One thing to make sure you’re doing is to update existing apps to UWP, it will help to ensure you are future-proofing your apps for whatever comes next.

With full Windows coming to Arm, new devices and new categories will be made with form factors that will embrace and need the flexibility of UWP.

I can’t believe that I hadn’t known this before, but when I found out that several other developers I have worked with before weren’t aware of it either, I stopped feeling quite so foolish…

Configure Await on the end of an awaited call can serve many purposes.

Remember, as always, the development and deployment of an app is only about 30% of the actual work involved in making serious money from your app portfolio.

Stay tuned for more tips and info on how you can make money on your apps.

To that end, UWP has a whole new shot at relevance and increased import.

At least that is how I see it and why all my new apps targeting Windows in any flavor are UWP projects.

Configure Await is a powerful little tool in the Async arsenal, used wisely it will make your users’ experiences much better! Tips & Tricks & Bits is a periodic series that will showcase things that I have found useful to know in my coding endeavors.

Here’s a quick list of a couple of things I have found useful to know when writing apps for Xamarin (check back, this list will grow): Surprisingly, there is still a lot of money to be made from Windows Phone users.

Awaited calls without Configure Await check back into the main thread (GUI) at the completion of their run and subsequent calls to that context can result in deadlocks.