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But those compliments drove me into an eating disorder, and in 4 months I lost 50 pounds without ever exercising and didn't need to change my diet because I no longer ate anything besides a small glass of juice sipped during the day and one small pack of the two saltine crackers.

And while I have always been very petite when I was pregnant with my daughter and had her in August 2003, I did gain a good amount of wait being petite before, my highest weight was 165 pounds.

For the first 3-4 years many people including my own father and friends would try to say it kindly, but to tell someone that you look like a different person and not an improvement, and your bra size goes from(my experience) having nicely big C cup bras in 34 inches to after the weight gain went up to a 36 DDD. Thank-God I did still keep my small size outfits as an incentive to lose weight and this was when I could just order a size 0 or size 2 pants from any catalog and fit great.

I even broke my left femur after walking across a very small room that wasn't wet or slippery, or I was running and fell into any object.was two small steps that I slipped and broke the strongest bone in our bodies.

No one in that ER believed that was what happened but after seeing all the most recent doctor files and the times they had me come in weekly to be weighed at their offices, put together that the physical damage of starving myself from any food, vitamin, water,calcium, you name it at 37 years old I have osteopedia, 20 % permanent disability in that leg and scars up from my upper hip joint to the bottom of the knee joint.

My question is we are trying to find the accurate scale of purity on a scale I don't think I understand what you're asking.

There is insufficient information to say, as it all depends on the solvent washes one runs following synthesis.So finally to wrap this up and really get to my question about the Adderall, is that the fact it all but gives me NO appetite for days and days and then keeps me all over the place, its not doing positive and healthy energy, instead I can lose 3 hours that felt at the most 30 minutes doing something like this when I should be in bed but I can't stop.Now my psych doctor I go to for 2 years now is female, straight shooter and calls me out on not just my crap but her thoughts of how much support I am not getting at all from my closest family and friends.Also since I have done permanent damage since I began meds after getting my first migraine at 12 and 6 months later my first of at least 10 in-patient stays at every psych ward in our state, and those times were only when I was found and "saved" which sucks but while my main reason and question especially as far as my Adderall script is that I have been on them for almost 3 months and do not any ADD/ADHD issues, I "need" them to just get by with an ounce of energy during my long as$ days.It is an insane cocktail of pretty much uppers & downers but now I have been on one anti-depressant known to man, I tried the Fetzima(very new med) and at the highest dose of 80mg and praying it may help, I have just started yet ANOTHER every three month treatment of 31 botox injections which could take the 4 treatments equaling a year, and just in case I forgot some details about myself, I just turned 40 and a female, married for almost 20 years, and an amazing 11 year old daughter, and I have been on state disability, only 00 a month, for the last 7 years.I gained enough weight that even my shoe size was much larger.