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You can access county, state and federal records easily.Beyond letting you find DWI records, searches can include any of the following: "My daughter had been getting phone calls at all hours of the night, but whoever was at the end of the line kept hanging up.

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I felt bad for her, so I offered her some babysitting work. Needless to say, I didn't let her drive my kid to the park." "After a string of real crazy girlfriends, I don't take any chances.But like I do for all my babysitters, I checked her out with your site. I keep in my favorites and look into anyone I start dating.If the test results are between .05% and .08%, there is no presumption regarding alcohol impairment.However, where the blood alcohol content is .08% or greater, there is a presumption that the driver is impaired.DWI / DUI arrests are generally misdemeanors, but may be considered a felony DWI where there are two drunk driving prior convictions within 10 years.

Like some of the other states, these drunk driving laws are only for drivers age 21 and older.Refusal to take the test following an arrest shall be admissible in court as consciousness of guilt, and carries with it additional driver's license consequences and penalties.Upon determination that you meet either of these criteria for a Louisiana DWI arrest you will be charged with a Louisiana DWI and immediately.For those under 21 who are accused of drunk driving, the alcohol intoxication legal limit is .02%.A law enforcement officer can obtain blood test, breath test or urine test and the driver is bound to allow these tests.More and more residents of Louisiana are finding themselves needing to search for private health insurance do to loss of employment or lack of coverage at their current jobs.