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A straight male and a straight woman are like two aliens from two opposite sides of the galaxy who speak entirely different languages and attempt to not just , but date, fall in love, have SEX and share their lives together. So boys, lez me help you understand the art of girl. Nothing in the world is sexier to a woman than a man who is assertive in his pursuits for her attention. Just because we say we’re "fine" doesn't mean we're actually fine (in fact, "fine" usually means our lives are falling apart). If she tells you she wants to be alone and peers out into the distance while sticking out her bottom lip, she doesn't want to be alone. I know it's not in your nature to notice details, so pick anything, and compliment the f*ck out of it. Unless they’re insane, chicks won’t actually get pissed and cut your balls off because you had a friendly conversation with another girl, as long as you abide by this simple rule: While you’re talking to that girl, put your hand on your girlfriend's leg or your arm around her shoulders.

Because of my lesbian-ness, I've been provided with a unique perspective, an insider's glance into the female mind. There is almost always a subtext, a hidden meaning behind our words. She wants you to stay and tell her everything is going to be okay. Pick the spot, make the reservation, and show up on time. My girlfriend complimented me on my eyelashes on our first date, and I literally melted."Beautiful" doesn't cut it. When in doubt, "I love your eyes" or "You have amazing cheek bones" works like a charm. I've made this mistake many a time and gotten into heaps of trouble with past girlfriends.

Even if you’re not sure right now where you fall into the gay/straight spectrum, that’s okay.At some point, however, you may come to the point of recognizing that you are in fact, gay.Understanding how important they are to helping their children adjust is crucial.The parents that both Harvey and La Sala meet have lessons to teach us all. First, understand that this is about the child, not about the parent.fall in love with other crazy (the good kind), complicated, multi-dimensional women.

We are blessed with a bird's eye view into the underworld of woman-ness. We know what it feels like to be a female in this cruel, cold world and to also have weathered the storm of dating a female. We might as well all come equipped with an honorary master's degree in WOMAN from Harvard University.

When we advocate for the rights of gays and lesbians, regardless of the personal beliefs we hold, we ensure a world that is socially just and fair.

Parents need to show their tolerance, and model it for others, by telling others about their kids and standing up for their rights.

No amount of worry or condemnation is going to change the way children express themselves sexually.

The personal values of parents aren't going to influence their children's sexual orientation.

A child's sexual orientation isn't the result of something that parents did, or didn't do. In the broad spectrum of who we are as people, our sexual orientation, and the gendered roles we play, are fluid.