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The show's exploration of mental health issues, its strong feminist voice and the introspective look at Rebecca's psyche through original song made it not just one of the best shows of 2016 (so far) but also one of the most ambitious. The normally slow, careful show became a thrill ride in Season 6, with shocking reveal after shocking reveal.

— 's second season told the story of Taylor Blaine (Connor Jessup), a teenage boy of meager means who is sexually assaulted by another teen boy, who's a star on his private school's basketball team.As the story unspooled and sucked in more people — administrators from both the wealthy school and the poorer one, parents of Taylor, the accused and other teens — shoved issues of class, sexuality, race, privilege and male rape in our faces.And if this is what the first half of 2016 has brought? More claustrophobic business thriller than sexy drama, the Starz adaptation of Steven Soderbergh's identically named film bears little resemblance to its source material.Credit the duo of Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimitz, who brought the same level of loose adaptation that's worked for is the one drama this year that defies definition.Like he did in his first season, showrunner John Ridley employed an all-star cast of superb actors in telling a wrenching story that got more nuanced, surprising and heartbreaking until its chilling climax.

Though it ended with lingering questions, it also offered definitive statements; most notably a call for tolerance and compassion that haunted anyone who watched.While many other news outlets said he had dumped her, "we stood alone in saying Taylor had dumped Calvin.We knew there was more to the story that met the eye and Tom was actively courting Taylor," he said.In addition to being an edge-of-your-seat courtroom drama that kept viewers engaged even though the outcome was a foregone conclusion, slowed to a crawl and explored its immaculately rendered world, letting viewers really get to know Jimmy Mc Gill (Bob Odenkirk) and the people around him, especially his partner/girlfriend Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) and his brother/adversary Chuck (Michael Mc Kean).When Jimmy finally becomes Saul, we're going to look back at this season as the one that started to break our hearts.And others — read cable, and streaming — just side-stepped the whole "controversy" by broadcasting their limited runs in one solid chunk (and in one case, aren't done broadcasting).