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As far back as I can remember, there have been rumors about Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy being a lot more than just friends.

They said that the reason his wife stayed knocked up is so she wouldnt be suspicious of his extra if them dudes like dudes, then that means more pu**y for the rest of us but seriously, ya'll remember when Eddie used to dis gays, back in his Delerious and Raw days? he must've been gay back then and just made those jokes to cover up....Man I'll just tell you this Eddie is really nice, and he is really serious about helping people when they are down. Plenty of people stay at Eddie's house, he's the man people go to when they are down and also he helps put a lot of people on the map.That might have something to do with the fact that Gill is still answering questions about such rumors.In a new chat with The Breakfast Club, the 48-year-old singer (who is promoting his new album ), said that they have actually had an effect on a past relationship.His outrageous lies were clearly a very desperate and pathetic attempt to clean up his reputation at my expense. Gill would refrain from continuing to spread false gossip and lies to the public, and allow everyone involved to move on with their lies.

Eddie Murphy was seen on the scene all coupled up after the Lakers game with Skinemax soft core actress Maya Gilbert.

Johnny and Eddie have always been very close friends, but I could not compete with their relationship. A posting on taken from entertainment forum says this: Rumors are circulating throughout Hollywood about the Eddies divorce battle, I was talking to an industry friend last night 08/15/05, she said, Nicole got sick of putting up with him and Johnny Gill. He became so brazen, Johnny came over to their house every holiday, sitting at the head of the table with Nicole and the kids.

Tevin Campbell, Sugar Ray, Tyler Perry and Shemar Moore are also heavily involved in this scenario, they tried to recruit Mike Tyson (when he had money) but it wasnt his scene.

Rumored to be DL Life Los Angeles The ex-girlfriend of New Edition and LSG singer Johnny Gill is now speaking out about her recent split up with the singer.

Johnny and I broke up earlier this year after I became curious about his friendship/relationship with actor/comedian Eddie Murphy, she said. Other sources tell (AG) that Johnny Gill is actually living in a guest house on Eddie Murphys property in CA. ago about the downlow rumors, even one of her close family members, but she chose not to believe it until she witnessed it, Eddie had got to the point where he didnt care, he often told her, he was the breadwinner and to stop asking him stupid questions about where he was going and who he was with.

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