Is calum best dating georgia salpa

The rumour about the two reality socialites surfaced overnight and became exacerbated by Calum’s official Twitter account that tweeted: "Calum and Kim...

Full name: Georgia Salpa DOB: Place of birth: Athens, Greece Occupation: Model Georgia is an Irish-Greek model, most famous in the UK for her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

Plus, I had to wear glasses and I had a patch over one eye.” Still, like the ugly ducking who blossoms into a sexy swan that enjoys a hugely successful modelling career, Georgia left behind the eye patch and acne and evolved into the sexy swan who enjoys a hugely successful modelling career that you see before today.

However, Irish contestant Hazel broke the mold in 2013 when she was evicted just 2 weeks before the final.

The brunette beauty caused quite the stir during her time in the house with her flirtatious relationship with housemate Daley, and her frequent arguments with rich girl Gina.

He came third on 2015's edition of 'Celebrity Big Brother' and returned to the show in 2017.

He has released three fragrances since 2006 named 'Calum', 'Best' and 'Day and Night'.

Previous Big Brother host Davina Mc Call said in 2011 that out of all the series’ housemates, Anna was the only one she became friends with after the show – and we can see why.

Anna has since gone on to have a very successful presenting career with the likes of the BBC and RTE and currently hosts The Great Irish Bake-Off on TV3.

While plenty of famous faces have graced the line-up this year, including controversial couple Speidi, Irish man Calum Best has already been tipped to win the show.

The Kildare native, who’s besties with model mum Pippa O’Connor, took home the crown in the second series in 2001 and later went on to win Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 against some of the show’s most memorable contestants.

Personal Life: Calum Best was born in San Jose, California to parents Angie Best (a model) and George Best (an Irish soccer star). He grew up in Los Angeles and re-located to the UK in 2002. Career: Some of Calum Best's first reality TV appearances were E4's 'Fool Around With', soccer show 'The Match' and the 2005 series of 'Celebrity Love Island' - the latter of which he returned to the following year and won.

In 2006, he was joined by Paul Danan and Fran Cosgrave for a travel documentary mini-series called 'Calum, Fran and Dangerous Danan', appeared with Lucy Kennedy on 'Livin' With Lucy', an MTV celibacy challenge called 'Totally Calum Best', and 2009's 'Paris Hilton's British Best Friend'.

Biography by It’s a bad day for Celebrity Big Brother star Calum Best as his rumoured fling with Kim Kardashian has been shot down almost immediately before it began.