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In addition to teaching Yoga, she runs a marketing business (Little Big Mouth Marketing) and greatly enjoys volunteering for the local guide dog organization for the blind (The Seeing Eye).She teaches a traditional Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga to a variety of ages and skill levels.During her classes your body will be challenged and your mind will feel relaxed.

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They usually don’t take that long, but I want to give myself flexibility in case I really hit it off with the person and want to keep talking to them (or if we encounter any delays).

But now that I’m interviewing for jobs myself, I’ve noticed companies are frequently allocating only 30 minutes, often with a hard stop at the end.

She was so amazed by the positive changes in her mind and body that she wanted to share the experience with others through teaching.

She received her 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certifications from Yoga Sutra for Life, lead by her Guru, Ranjitha Sandeep.

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That leaves 15 minutes for the interviewer to ask questions and listen to the answers. And that’s assuming that it’s one of meetings in the process.

If it’s the only interview you’ll be having with the hiring manager, it should be longer.

I’m a relatively senior executive who’s back on the job market.