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They provided suggestions on how to restore these old shirts.

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"This is the 6th quilt Ive ordered for each of my kids as a high school graduation gift.

They have all gone on to use it as their favorite blanket at college.

Then she noticed a few shirts she was still wearing and thought she had lost but I raided her closet to get a few recent shirts.

This is such a good service for a busy and uncrafty mom.""The quilt for my daughter's graduation from grad school far exceeded my expectations. ""From beginning to end the whole process, directions, on line and by phone help, being kept informed of the progress and end result were awesome!!!!!

I am so blown away with the care and quality of your work. The communication from the company was fantastic and it came out exactly as I had asked. I am definitely sharing the company with my friends and family. I even had a change of plans (though I decide not to do it) and it could have been handled at the last minute had I wanted to.

The only way I can explain it is to say that there is so much LOVE in your heart. Makenzie, CT""We saved our shirts over the course of 10 years with the intention of making a quilt... I have another quilt I'd like to do and would trust this company to handle it.""The quilt turned out beautifully, and I am overjoyed at the quality of it. The quilt was given to a friend who had recently lost his wife - it was made from her T-shirts from trips they had taken. The quilt loft family takes great pride in the work they do. It was my first quilt and the instructions were easy to understand and the communication with the quilters was superb.They hear our stories and tell our story in the quilt they put together. I am getting together another set of T-shirts for my second quilt..nothing but the highest praise for this company.Darlene, PA""Love it, cant wait to give it to my son. Probably a little upset that is used T-shirts that he still wore. I was concerned that I would not receive my order in time, but the Quilt Loft customer service employees and quilt makers made sure that it was delivered before the move. It was a difficult move, but that quilt and the service from the Quilt Loft was a hugh bright spot in my day!Debbie B., Idaho Falls, ID""This was a wonderful service.It was made in a very reasonable amount of time and is so nice that I almost hate to have my daughter use it! The quality of the product, excellent communication every step of the way and the quick turnaround were incredible.