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This course is designed to provide an understanding of how the human brain works in health and disease, and is intended for both the Brain and Cognitive Sciences major and the non-Brain and Cognitive Sciences major.

Knowledge of how the human brain works is important for all citizens, and the lessons to be learned have enormous implications for public policy makers and educators.

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This unit discusses the role of social workers and care staff in supporting individuals through the transition, and how residential environments affect quality of life.Basic Human Pathology (BHP) is divided into two parts.This presentation examines the various biological agents that terrorists could use against food or water supplies.This presentation's content is part of a non-credit, professional development training generated by JHSPH faculty and the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness.The course consists of lectures, readings, discussions, panels of guest speakers, group and individual projects.

The purpose of the lectures, readings, discussion and panels of guest speakers is to explore a variety of aspects of adolescence and adolescent health.An understanding of 'critical perspectives' will help you take a positive and constructive approach to problems that arise in social work practice.This unit enables you to hear some of the founding members of the Bedfordshire Mencap organisation talk about how the organisation was established and the wide range of support services it offers.If you're already enrolled in a healthcare course, these courses could be a good way to broaden your studies, or to revise key areas.If you have any questions about online courses, ask us on our Facebook page.Along similar lines, common diseases that illustrate normal brain function will be discussed.