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A point nicely summarised in Cicely Fox-Smith’s poem Nitrates, a classic of the 1920s. Henry Corke was a boy in Bethnal Green in the 1920s. ‘Miss M’ recalled that: ‘We used to use the doors off the cupboards laid on chairs and made up as beds.He remembered: ‘When I was a younger boy, I couldn’t bear the thought of living in a house without any family. Nobody complained: the superintendent didn’t mind because everybody was doing the same.’ For Vicki Green, there was comfort in numbers, in ‘a three-storey house, two rooms on each floor, my uncle and family on the ground floor, another uncle on the first floor, and another on the second. There were 14 children in the house and we grew up almost like brothers and sisters.’ For some of the kids, growing up in such poverty was horrific. ‘If you went out in the kitchen in the dark you trod on hundreds of black beetles.One of the finest European swords we've had the pleasure to handle.

Of a well known type often river or water found, this example was reputedly a river find in Northern England in the 1960s, and is composed of materials that would have been only used on the highest quality examples of the period. The hilt fittings are entirely chiseled in silver with various images including portraits of classical figures and 17th C. The uniforms and hairstyles generally reflect the mid to late 17th style.The form is typical for both size and aesthetic and displays characteristics of some of the earliest Scottish ballock dirks, with a crown formed pommel, also found on late 15th century examples, with a characteristic inverted... In addition, sculptured dogs' heads appear at various points; from their mouths spring pas d'âne and knuckle guard, quillon); the arrangement and perspective of these figures is extraordinarily adapted to the narrow metal.As celebrated kids’ author Michael Rosen acknowledges in his introduction to a priceless gem of a book about the East End, history used to be about the ‘big’ names (mostly men of course) who shaped events, and the big events (ideally cataclysmic) that they shaped. that kind of history tends to cut out the ordinary people, the poor and the dispossessed.But throughout the 20th century, and largely using the new recorded media, enterprising historians were recording the voices and stories of ordinary men and women.’ Of course everything had to be shared with so many in one building.

Sinks were in the backyard, as would be the one tap; washing would be hung along the corridors of the houses. But for Jack Miller, growing up in Spitalfields in the 1920s, there was poetry in it. My brother and I used to sleep in the garret but I liked it because it overlooked the rooftops and the soaring steeple of Christ Church.The grip is composed of three pieces of matched pink agate of the finest quality carved for a pleasing grip and displaying a vivid and beautiful layered pattern emblematic of the finest 18th C. The mounts are mercury gilded brass in the classic 18th C. A particularly elegant example of a very early hourglass. however judging by the clouding in the glass, the age and softness of the oak wood, I would date this example to the 17th C. Kings and Queens, admirals and generals and captains of industry, wars and plagues.FREE to register - we let you sign up for a UK Date completely free!You can have complete access to our many members (your potential dating partner) in the UK, so finding your ideal date will be easier than you could possibly imagine all from the comfort of your own home or computer.Grip round, untapered, of basket-woven bands of parallel copp...