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::= Description of the illustration ''ansi_supported_datatypes.gif'' For descriptions of user-defined types, refer to "User-Defined Types".The Oracle-supplied data types appear in the figures that follows.Maximum size is (4 gigabytes - 1) * (database block size). The sections that follow describe the Oracle data types as they are stored in Oracle Database.

LOBs are subject to some restrictions that do not affect other scalar types because of their size.Those restrictions are documented in the context of the relevant SQL syntax. Do not confuse built-in data types and user-defined types with external data types.A character large object containing Unicode characters.Both fixed-width and variable-width character sets are supported, both using the database national character set.A scalar type contains an atomic value, whereas a nonscalar (sometimes called a "collection") contains a set of values.

A large object (LOB) is a special form of scalar data type representing a large scalar value of binary or character data.Character Data Types Character data types store character (alphanumeric) data, which are words and free-form text, in the database character set or national character set.They are less restrictive than other data types and consequently have fewer properties.For example, if you insert value after verifying that it translates to a valid date.Oracle Database provides a number of built-in data types as well as several categories for user-defined types that can be used as data types.The codes listed for the data types are used internally by Oracle Database.