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A bit like cannons being fired on a galleon of yore. Outdoors, it had a frigate, a minesweeper, examples of torpedoes and depth charges, as well as a naval fighter jet .

The frigate – “Mölders” – was named after Werner Mölders, a fighter ace in the Spanish Civil war and in the early part of WWII.

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I tested them when I got home and found them to be excellent.It’s amazing what one learns in a hot drinks queue.Ilikeyou je výborné místo pro setkávání mužů a žen.Pokud hledáš chat nebo schůzku zdarma tady jsi na správném místě! My abiding memory of the meeting must be the weather - three glorious days of sparkling sunshine and balmy evenings.

In such conditions one could comfortably saunter around or sit without recourse to a sweater. The previous week, they had had torrential rain causing flooding with cellars needing to be pumped out by the fire service.

It was time to renew our friendships with our foreign friends and maybe notice that ‘so and so’ had not turned up this year.

Fortunately, our foreign friends have such a command of English that we do not feel at all out of place.

On our return journey, we were obliged to stop overnight at a small town called Saterland.

One of the rear wheel bearings on Gavin Watson’s Isabella was disintegrating and needed urgent attention.

He died at the age of 28yrs in 1941 on an internal German flight.