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Nordic Poetry is your one-stop-shop for exceptionally unique vintage clothing.

Here at Nordic Poetry you can be assured of finding a garment that reflects your individual style.

Our clothes are dating from across all the eras and here you will find beautiful silk Japanese 1920s/1930’s Haori, collectible designer gowns from the 1960’s/1970’s Ossie Clark, Emilio Pucci and more.

The history of Levi’s® is kept alive through the commitment to remain true to those garments kept in the Levi’s® archive dating back to the 1870s.Levi® Vintage Clothing keeps the history of Levi's® denim alive.A two pocket jacket with a double row of stitching is newer and will fall into the above period.For a comparison of the two stitching styles see below (these are two jackets laid on top of each other..single stitch and one newer).The basic rule of thumb is two pockets are good and four pockets are bad.

Just like the vintage jeans, there are newer reproductions being made both here and abroad.

This period still has the small 'e' red tab on the chest pocket, but only has two pockets.

There are NO bottom slash hand pockets on this style. Because these are affordable and only differ from older vintage jackets by subtle features (like the small 'e' tab), many people opt for this model.

You will sometimes find these with a quilted blanket lining, too. This Second Edition jacket is easily distinguished by its vertical pleats that run adjacent to the button placket.

It also has two pockets, but these pockets are more like the rear pockets on a pair of jeans (i.e.

@tami - blanket lined jackets have unfortunately never found a widespread audience with collectors. A two pocket jacket in a dark denim with a blanket lining will usually only bring around - and just a bit more for a Big E.