Dating two men who to choose

I have never dated j before and he has really pretty eyes.They're both really cute and funny, but I know one better than the other. well in my love triangle i was both of them uk one after the other.I concluded that having a relationship with him wouldn't be very healthy, but I held on to hope.

Then, after you limited yoruself to a managable number of choices, you will start looking at every remaining product more carefully and you will be reading the reivews.

You are likely to read the bad reviews first to find out how bad is bad, given the risk that you might have to deal with that negative aspect.

Plus I'm only in 6th grade, so I'm new to relationships.

It is important for anyone, who wants to meet, date and have a relationship with a very attractive, desirable woman, to understand how such women make their initial choices when it comes meeting and dating men.

but my results are always with gorgeous 1 not 2 soooooooooo it pains me to have to pick but such is life :( :( Gorgeous 1, sorry gorgeous 2! I'm ready to get out of this love triangle thing but the thing that is hurting me is that I've to hurt one of them and I really like them both alot!

I met these two guys at the same time (4 months ago), both way out of my league; one (let's call him A) is my age and very thoughtful and cute, although I think he only sees me as a friend, the other (let's call him B) is 2 years older than me, super hot (including the body, he has a beautiful six pack, don't ask me how I know this) and is very sweet and always flatters me.Suppose you decided to buy a camera or a laptop on Amazon.You search by product name and then you get thousands of results. You want to make sure that you choose the right product and ideally you would want to look at every product, but that’s not realistic, so you look at the menu and try to narrow down the choices by checking the item by brand, functions, rating, etc..As a result, such a woman’s behavior when it comes to selecting men is likely to be very similar to the behavior of all of us as consumers when shopping for something that comes in many kinds and shapes and that can be found in dozens or more stores.Think about how a typical consumer behaves when making choices and it will give you an insight into what an attractive woman experiences when meeting men.Time passes (aka another week) and A and I are even more intimate friends and B is very dry and inconsistently affectionate, like, he says something sweet in the morning, in the afternoon he's dry and at night he's just neutral (yes, he only texts me then and only like 3 text bubbles tops).