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So, your 3 months is shorter than I what I suggest. Heck, give it to your single friends so they can protect themselves using those common sense security dating tips. It doesn’t matter where you live; you’re a part of a neighborhood, a community.

They can't lie as easily about physical appearances in person, but they can lie about other equally important things, such as whether they are married. I'm always floored at articles lamenting the problems with online dating. I never understood that since you are going to see the other person anyway.

Oddly, online ads I've read indicate that about 50% of the men admit being currently married and looking to date. I'll just go back to my books and my garden, thanks. If traditional dating was fool-proof, the need for online dating would never have been created. On the subject of lies, deception and misrepresentation, if you put thousands upon thousands of men and women competing for attractiveness all in one room, I'm betting you'd find a high rate of dishonesty too. Also, A photo taken 10 years ago is not a good start either.

And for those of you who remain online daters, I commend your enthusiasm and persistence, I just wasn’t able to sustain it for long enough to make a sensible match. Personally, my friends have told me to try the online dating scene, but I'm too nervous about it. I found the process of marketing and maintaining my online presence time-consuming, even excruciating, and deactivated my account several times.

While the pitfalls I have outlined are worthy of mention, ultimately each of our love stories will be written in ways we likely cannot predict or summon, and many in this day and age will inevitably start with a website. Frankly, I think it would probably be a waste of time. After 2 mediocre dates with 2 different men, I found an amazing guy and we've been together for a year and a half.

Online dating has apparently become the second most popular way that adults are coupling up today (Searles, 2012).

Gone are the days of yore when chance encounters in our everyday lives brought the potential for romance or love, or when it took weeks, or even months, to find out intimate details of a potential mate’s history and life.

Contrary to what your neighbors may tell you, not all neighborhoods are created equal.

Some offer recreational activities like parks, while others may have great places to eat.

Now, with the click of a button and a quick Google or profile search, all of that information is at our fingertips. Is there a cost that comes from taking our chance encounters out of the real world and into the virtual?

It likely comes as no surprise for those of you who have sailed the online dating waters that one study found that 80% of online daters lie about their height, weight, or age on their profiles, in addition to other details about their lifestyle, jobs, salaries, etc. This begs the questions of how much of our online profiles are projections of our ideal selves, versus accurate reflections of who we are right now.

Despite this cultural shift, this is one single woman who has decided to unplug when it comes to seeking a mate. Misspellings and incorrect grammar in correspondence is a huge turn off.