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The strange thing is she's hiding the relationship from all her friends, etc.

so the only way I know is by viewing the guy's profile. She doesn't want people to think negatively that she's jumping into a relationship so soon?

Or perhaps, she's not really ready to be labeled as such with a guy she's only met for 10 days? She also added the guy's sister as a friend too, who lives out of state and I assume she hasn't met.I just feel like this is all super fast out of a 2 year relationship, and I'm wondering if this could be classified as a rebound or not?SHE ended up cheating on me on our one year night, and then told me about it drunk while i was still on my vacation.She came back apologizing saying i deserve better and she doesnt know why shes doing what shes doing, but she wants me so bad and loves me so much and cant understand why she is **** up so bad.we both are 25 and bit inexperienced and immatured however we both still love each other and we know we shall never come across with whom we can click as much and be as much happy! I have lovely family and friends but feel so lonely.

Ex of 6 years left me for some dude in another country!But you're right I shouldn't worry, and I shouldn't be so selfish as to want this to be a short lived relationship for her, its hard for sure. Getting in no contact takes loads of patience but you will realize more things as time goes by.Just let her enjoy the new toy, and you can do the same too. My advice for you to is stop looking at FB and become a better guy.i know who that someone is as i know her friends and what she did with whom as we regularly emailed/called till mid october!One of the main problems that none of her close friends have been in london, rather they are in other places in UK!We just connected and you know when you feel it from both parties.