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For the past few months, I’ve been going on casual dates with two really attractive men. After all, what guy could satisfy all of your crazy desires? There’s nobody alive who will enjoy every last bit of the weird sex stuff you want to do. And every man you date brings a fun universe of his own into your life.

They’re both cool in different ways, and I feel like I could have a good relationship with either of them. – Double-Dating Donny Hi, Double-Dating Donny, Of course you can date two people. You can be polyamorous and date ten people if that is what you want. (Or an un-fun universe.) Obviously, the more guys you spend time with, the better. Yes, if you overlook something very obvious, which is that dating even one person is really, really hard.

“People need to be net savvy and understand that there are people who use legitimate sites to prey on people,” Hartman told The Post, adding that police typically see these types of crimes involving transactions on Craigslist.

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Well, listening is really challenging—it’s difficult not to simply inhabit your half of a serious conversation, waiting to say whatever you’d like to. Even the very happiest of relationships are about 90% happiness and 10% stress. Basically, we’re all just a little too stupid to understand each other completely, and a little too selfish to be good to each other all the time. I’m going to give you some advice about how to make it as reasonable as possible. Are both of them going to get the same number of fancy dinners out of you? And you’ve got to make sure that both partners are getting roughly the amount of attention they need. You know vaguely what the narrative arc of a monogamous relationship is. So, it seems like you want to be with both of these men because you don’t want to choose. That sounds great, and I’m glad you’re getting the chance to have everything you want.

Also, being a good boyfriend mostly requires honesty, doesn’t it? It’s really hard not to conceal your less convenient emotions until you’re not sure who you are anymore. It requires a commitment to variety, exploration, and vulnerability. At best, you fake it, try really hard to love somebody as best you can, maybe get married, and then die. First: when you’re dating more than one guy, you’ve got to be absolutely transparent about what both of your partners can expect from you. You don’t want either of them to feel like a diversion, or an accessory to the other partner. But when you’re in a weird, two-way triad relationship like the one you’re proposing, that’s not true. You’ll basically need to write the rulebook with your partners. However, you should keep in mind that most non-monogamous relationships devolve into monogamous relationships eventually.

The second suspect, believed to be about 16 years old, was wearing a blue sweatshirt, jeans and a blue hat, police said.

The victim, meanwhile, declined medical attention at the scene.He ran until he spotted a woman outside who let him use her phone to call for help, police said.The two suspects fled on foot, dumping the man’s truck on Hotchkiss Street.He struggled with the suspects until one of them put him in a headlock while the other teen started going through his pockets.The suspects stole the man’s i Phone, keys and wallet, which held cash and several credit cards.(Or, equally likely, one of them will demand that you make that choice.)Be ready for this.