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With close neighbours Belarus, Poland, and Kaliningrad, the country shares a culture rich in Russian and Eastern European history. Yep, it’s the same old story, girls are widely attracted by the smell of money.A financially stable man, especially one who is worldly wise, will be pounced upon by these beautiful ladies.

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We must, however, remember that there are always exceptions to the rules – not everyone is a gold-digger.Because the women of this country take great care about their appearance, they will greatly appreciate a guy who knows how to look his best.It’s good to remember that Lithuanians are well versed in the ways of the West and are accomplished users of the internet and the hundreds of apps that are available everywhere.While it’s always possible to meet a beautiful, single, young woman from this country in a bar or bistro, or at a party, there are other ways of getting to meet her, for example by joining an international or interracial dating site, such as International Love and e Harmony, where you can meet single people from all parts of the world who are looking for someone like YOU.The southernmost of the three so-called Baltic States, Lithuania is a beautiful country, full of beautiful, friendly people.

Once part of the Soviet Union, Lithuania gained its independence in 1990 after the spectacular collapse of Communism in the previous year.

Sweet-toothed people will love the doughnuts and blintzes (crepes).

Interesting things about Lithuania: Capital: Vilnius Religion: Protestant / Roman Catholic / Russian Orthodox Government: Democratic Republic Unsure about Lithuania women?

Because of its location in northern Europe, root-crops, rye and barley are the staples, along with dairy products.

Specialities might include potato pudding or potato sausages – don’t laugh before you try them!

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