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Additionally,federal VAWA funds encourage states to leverage local and state funds in the effort to end these pervasive crimes.

VAWA’s work is complemented by VOCA, which funds direct services to victims of all types of crime, including domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking, and by FVPSA, which is our nation’s only dedicated funding source for domestic violence shelters and direct service organizations.

Given reduced funding and staff, local programs had to reduce or completely eliminate countless services, including emergency shelter, legal advocacy, and counseling.The federal government funds critical programs at the U. Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Health and Human Services (HHS) that reach into every community across the nation to provide safety, access to services, and justice for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.At the same time, the national spotlight on these crimes is bringing more survivors out of the shadows and increasing requests for prevention programs, which create an increased demand for services.Many programs are forced to turn away victims who are desperate and have nowhere to go.VAWA saved an estimated .6 billion in net-averted costs in its first six years alone.i Through our nation’s combined investments in VAWA, VOCA, and FVPSA, reporting of domestic violence has increased,ii the rate of non-fatal intimate partner violence against women has decreased by 63 percentiii and the number of women killed by an intimate partner has decreased by 23 A 2010 study demonstrated that an increase in the number of legal services available is associated with a decrease in intimate partner homicide.v Another study found that VAWA funds, particularly the ones supporting law enforcement, were associated with a reduction in rape and aggravated A 2017 study shows the effectiveness of bystander intervention funded through VAWA’s Rape Prevention and Education Program in reducing sexual assault A 2008 study shows conclusively that the nation’s domestic violence shelters, funded in significant part by FVPSA, are addressing victims’ urgent and long-term needs and are helping victims protect themselves and their Additionally, recent increased funding released via VOCA has allowed communities to foster innovation, reduce waitlists, increase services, hire vital staff to help and counsel more survivors, and expand rural services.

Desperate need remains Despite this progress, shelters, rape crisis centers, and other domestic and sexual violence service providers continue to face budget shortfalls.Investments in these programs must fulfill the promise of VAWA, FVPSA, and related federal laws by meeting the demand for services.VAWA, VOCA, and FVPSA are smart investments that have fueled our undeniable national progress in addressing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.Federal funding underpins our nation’s improvements to the community-based response to domestic and sexual violence.We encourage you to invest in these vital programs.Also in 2016, domestic violence programs laid off approximately 1,200 staff positions.