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We drove to the restaurant and the whole time he told me how good he is to women, how lucky I was to be going out with him and how much he would like to go to the gym with me so we could “sweat” together.

We got to the restaurant and he was amazed that I ordered his favorite drink, we must be connected in some way and he started planning camping trips, visits to amusement parks and overnight excursions.

He refused to talk to me for a half an hour and drove me home.

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An excellent overview of satellite imaging systems and disaster management can be found in Richards (1982).

While both aerial and satellite remote sensing techniques are presented, emphasis is placed on satellite-derived sensing because the data provide the synoptic view required by the broad scale of integrated development planning studies.

Since the existing remote sensing information may be inadequate for a planning task or phase, this chapter also provides guidelines on selecting and acquiring the appropriate data.

Only those sensor systems that are deemed capable of making a insignificant contribution to the development planning process are discussed, with their specific applications to the assessment of each of several natural hazards.

Characteristics of both aerial and satellite remote sensing techniques and the role remote sensing can play in detecting and mitigating several natural hazards are highlighted.

One of the most important tools available to the regional planner is the remote sensing of the environment.The former are called aerial or airborne remote sensors and the latter, satellite or spaceborne remote sensors.These instruments record data using optical, electro-optical, optical mechanical, or electronic devices.Other factors include area of coverage, frequency, and data cost and availability.DEFINITIONS Instruments which record electromagnetic radiation emitted or reflected from the earth can be mounted on aircraft or satellites.Needless to say I never went out with him again and it was the weirdest date I’ve ever been on!!