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There are plenty of cars competing in each event; your car will need to shine for the judges […] Read Here There is an unexplainable joy when you rollerblade in the wet or in the rain.

Some college students will find themselves having poor grades if their condition is not in check.

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There were studies that showed that music can increase memorizing capacity, comprehension, time management and organization skills.

My parents have since changed their minds about dating and are supportive of me.

“A dinar which you spend in the path of Allah, a dinar which you spend [to free] a slave, a dinar which you give as sadaqah to a needy person, and a dinar which you spend on your family : the most superior of these is the one which you spend on your family.” Our Lord!

And of course, we've all seen aunties (matchmakers), online matrimonial sites (e.g.

shaadi.com, and muslimatcher.com) and matrimonial events (like speed dating and networking events where the goal is a life mate, not a date).

You roll as though you were born skating, proving that you can skate in the wet as good as you can walk.

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Grant us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and makes us leaders for the pious. Grant blessings and peace to our master Muhammad, and to his Household and Companions.