Curteich postcards dating

Curt Teich was already working as a lithographer in Lobenstein, Germany when he emigrated to Chicago in 1895.

He would start his own firm in 1898 concentrating on newspaper and magazine printing.

This railroad that primarily transported coal and lumber had a history of slow expansion.

Photographers who published photo books and black & white and glossy postcards in tinted halftone of views and Types from their work. A notable set was made of the colonial architecture in Williamsburg, Virginia. who was most likely the owner of the Runta Import Co.

These cards may bare either the name of Runta, Vontobel, or K. All cards were printed in color gravure and have white borders with an irregular edge.

Many of his images were turned into real photo postcards that were manufactured in Canada.

In later years his photographs were use to make photochromes under the trade name Taylorchrome.

About 1905 these photographic images began being published as postcards.

They were printed in a variety of manner in both Samoa and in Germany.

There popularity allowed them to expand into Damascus, and then Jerusalem, Cairo, and Alexandria.

They would also expand into producing postcards depicting scenes in the Ottoman Empire. Tattersall was a photographer who left New Zealand for Samoa in 1886.

A publisher of holiday, comic, and local view-cards.

It is unknown if they had any relationship to the Helman-Taylor Art Co.

Their cards were printed in both Saxony and Great Britain.