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The discussion flows from one aspect of online dating and relationships to another. Reasons included living in a small town with few prospects; just moved to a new city and didn’t know a lot of people; never having a Christian date despite going to the ‘biggest church in town;’ all the girlfriends signed up together to check it out. Profiles lacking in detail were overlooked by the panelists.What expectations were there before trying online dating? Sam mentioned that, while being an unromantic way to look at it, finding a match is similar to a job interview and the job search as a whole.

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One of these, of course, is relationships – which includes online dating.Last weeks podcast, ‘Behind the Scenes of Online Dating‘ featured a roundtable crew familiar with online dating from different perspectives.Clearly, the chances of finding a suitable Orthodox marriage partner would be enhanced if those 75,000 were to sign up in any significant numbers to an Orthodox online dating agency.Limiting this to parish memberships would not really help the situation.In the secular west coast of Canada, Christians of any description are a distinct (and to some degree an embattled) minority, which makes devout Orthodox Christians even scarcer here.

I consider that my priestly and pastoral task involves not so much offering available spouses to my single parishioners as offering them sound advice.The rejection rate is high, but such is the case with many things: sales, sports, etc…When searching an online dating site do you limit yourself geographically?If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” then the Church’s pastoral economy would allow such a marriage.Radical honesty, however, about such matters is vital.It is estimated that there are perhaps 300,000 Orthodox believers in the UK.