Can dating scans give wrong dates rare mensen op datingsites

I do have another scan in two weeks, so very excited to see how much the baby grows between now and then. i think it could be possible do you have a 28 days cycle which the doctors go by or do you have a different timescale on your cycle??Hi All, Hope you are all doing well and your LO's not giving you too much grief!! Now if they are going off the 'size' of your baby, then it could just be that he/she is measuring small....

I was dated slightly differently at my scans but neither time did they worry about altering my due date to reflect this. I know of quite a few women who haven't had their dates changed.

At 20 weeks you could be a different growth size again.

Its hard for them to tell when its so small, so they do make mistakes.

If you will be getting a 12 week scan, that will be more accurate.

Anyway, there were huge complications and she had to give birth to a baby that was no longer alive at 20 weeks.

She had been right all along and no-one helped her because there was nothing immediately visable wrong.

If you think there is a chance they may have calculated the dates wrong, ask them to re-check.

One thing I have thought since finding out I was pregnant is that this is MY body and MY baby and if I say something isn't "right" I want it looked into..

I'm sore and still tired but no sickness yet Just wanted to query something had a dating scan on Monday 4th Feb and told that I was approx 6 weeks gestation heartbeat seen and length 3.1mm.

Had a bit of a scare on Friday 15th and rescanned as precaution and again heartbeat seen very strong and fast and length 11mm, and told 7 weeks when I make myself nearer 8 weeks as of today Monday 18th!

But thats not until 21st April when I make myself 17 weeks ! The NHS may have the equipment to detect things that we would never have known, but they are not you!