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You therefore don’t want it to say things about you that you would say only after three hours and three bottles of wine. However, taken as a group, one thing becomes clear very quickly when reading these complaints: Things that would never cross the threshold for being “deal-breakers” once two people are dating are very often described as the reasons why a match is totally unsuitable.

If you truly can’t spell, I recommend that you cut and paste your profile sections into a word processor or e-mail application with a spelling feature and then return the corrected results—although watch for synonyms if you do this.

If you don’t know what a synonym is, you don’t need to worry about this.

Glam it up with some digital face painting while you are on a video call.

When you choose to use one of our growing collection of live action masks on a video call, your face on screen is transformed with whatever theme you’ve picked.

There needs to be a clear space for something new to enter your life.

Make sure that your profile doesn’t present an image of someone so busy and engaged with other responsibilities that a new relationship couldn’t possibly take center stage.

I’m not sure if this represents an evolutionary bias against stupidity, but there is a notable gender bias here.

So, gentlemen, if you want to make the least amount of effort that is most likely to increase your profile appeal, reread it for spelling.

As you move, the mask moves with you Talk with family, friends, roommates, co-workers and in events all at once.

Use Tango to keep in touch with the groups of people that matter to you.

After all, by definition, you are trying to attract someone.